Signature Program

Evidence-Based Action Plan to Help your mind and Brain

You don’t have time to read the research on what matters most when it comes to lowering your stress, preserving your essence and taking care of your big beautiful brain + mind! 
Join us as we teach you what matters most and how to make it happen in your busy life!

The Mission Beautiful Brain Program

We want to give you peace-of-mind that you are focusing your time, money, and energy
where it matters most...

 Mission Beautiful Brain Program delivered daily to your phone on our custom app! So you don’t need to waste time logging into your computer or looking for your materials!

A new lesson to educate, energize, teach and support you in what matters most to brain health.

All program materials and resources for $199.

Beautiful Brain Program

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MBB Program with Weekly Coaching

Looking for a more personalized approach to applying these strategies to your life? Are you someone who knows they do better when they have someone to be accountable to?  We have you covered!

Customize your participation with four exclusive group coaching sessions! 

Group coaching calls focus on mindset, strategizing your real life, support and community.

Mission Beautiful Brain

What is it?

Mission Beautiful Brain is the why and how of stress management and brain resiliency. It’s the marriage of evidence-based research practices and real life strategies. It’s the combination of education and support that allows you to take action and enhance your brain and your life with your self-care habits.

Who is it for?

This program is for busy caregivers looking to lower their stress, improve their health and get peace of mind that what they are doing each day is helpful to their brain and their legacy.

Who created this program?

This program was created by a neuroimmunologist (brain doctor), Dr. Mary Rensel and a lifestyle coach, Ali Hively. Together, Mary and Ali have teamed up to break down the research and provide real-life action steps to help more people manage their stress, avoid disease and live better while preserving their essence.

If you’re a caregiver, you're in the right place!


noun. amazing person who cares for others

You feel like there is so much information out in the world about what you should do and shouldn’t do, it can totally overwhelming. 

You feel like you wish you had time to figure out what mattered most and how to apply it to your life. 

You want to take care of yourself so you can lower your risk of getting a brain disease and so you can care for everyone around you. 

You just wish there was some way to make it happen easier! 

Great news, there is!  In this program, we do just that! 

Your wellness matters

Do you…

You are not alone.  

We know that it’s hard to navigate the world of health and try to figure out what matters and how to apply it to your life.  

We know that there isn’t one specific place to go for evidence based information and research as well as support in making it happen (or taking action) in your busy life. 

The great news is, we have created that place for you.  We have done the research and put together the strategies and resources to help you preserve your essence, take care of yourself, and feel less stressed!

This is for you…

You get permission to do things your own way.

You have easy access to brain research through the MBB app.

You get to learn how to create habits that save you time and energy in making them happen.

You get to feel less stressed and more grounded in your life.

You save money by avoiding things that don’t work.

You get more energy to enjoy life and take care of those you love.

You are finally taking care of yourself in a way that is proven to help your resiliency.

Mission Beautiful Brain Signature Program

We’re here for you!

With our support, daily tips and life hacks, you will practice implementing this into your life. 

We have a private group call each week where we strategize how you are taking what you learn and applying it to your  life, and what you need to help you overcome obstacles. 

You will also have our amazing app that will give you access to the multimedia lessons and guides, and an online portal where you can connect with us, as well as connect with other women in our program for support and strategies. 

You will have ongoing access to the strategic action plan information and guides.  We know this is a journey and it’s important to know you are not alone!